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St. Augustine

Shrimp Curry


6 cajun shrimp, toasted coconut, roasted cashews, and homemade croutons. Served with buttermilk coconut curry dressing, green onions, and fresh cilantro

Dressing Choice (Select 1):Southwest Ranch Spicy Thai Peanut Creamy Jalapeno Vinaigrette Thousand Island Buttermilk Coconut Curry Caesar Annie's Goddess Dressing 2 oz +$1Annie's Goddess Dressing 4 oz +$2Oil & Vinegar
Additional Dressing (Optional):Southwest Ranch- 2oz +$0.50Southwest Ranch- 4 oz +$1Spicy Thai Peanut- 2oz +$0.50Spicy Thai Peanut- 4 oz +$1Creamy Jalapeno Vinaigrette- 2oz +$0.50Creamy Jalapeno Vinaigrette- 4 oz +$1Thousand Island- 2oz +$0.50Thousand Island- 4 oz +$1Buttermilk Coconut Curry- 2oz +$0.50Buttermilk Coconut Curry- 4 oz +$1Caesar- 2oz +$0.50Caesar- 4 oz +$1Annie's Goddess Dressing- 2oz +$1Annie's Goddess Dressing- 4 oz +$2Oil & Vinegar- 2oz +$0.50Oil & Vinegar- 4 oz +$12 oz Sour Cream +$0.254 oz Sour Cream +$0.50
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